LabVIEW Process Controller Library

Process Controller VI and Panel
Compatible with LabVIEW

Process Controller Communication Library for LabVIEW™

Many panel-mounted process or temperature PID controllers have the capability to communicate via RS-485 serial communications. Interfacing with NI LabVIEW is a quick and low-cost way to add supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to one or more loops in a process control application, or to integrate DIN-sized controllers into test setups in a laboratory environment.

1/4 DIN and 1/16 DIN Process Controllers

These 1/4 DIN and 1/16 DIN Temperature Controllers can communicate with NI LabVIEW to provide temperature data or to allow enhanced control over a process or lab experiment.

At about the cost of one controller unit, these libraries provide a suite of subVIs written in an instrument driver-style approach that you can use to implement RS-485 communication directly between LabVIEW and one or more controllers. This allows LabVIEW to access the process variable, such as temperature, or to configure the controller setpoint, alarm limits, or other configuration values.

RS-485 serial communication is a simple and robust 2 (or 4) wire industrial capable solution for multiple devices. These libraries meet NI Compatible with LabVIEW program standards. They turn RS-485 communication into a “drag-n-drop” coding process without worrying about synchronizing timing or remembering register addresses. Labor-saving, device-specific palettes of VIs provide quick access to the features you need. Friendly controls and typedefs save you from having to remember command options and interpreting responses.

Libraries available for the following controllers

  • $79 Love Controls* C Series
  • $89 Love Controls* B Series
  • $79 Omega* CN73x, CN71x, CN74x
  • $89 Omega* CN72xx, CN75xx, CN76xx, CN78xx
  • $79 Delta* DTA Series
  • $89 Delta* DTB Series

Each library includes VIs you need to be up and running fast

  • RS-485 serial port management
  • Read and write process and setpoint variables
  • Monitor alarm and output status
  • Configure controller modes and settings


  • Setpoint profiles and recipes
  • Environmental testing
  • Configuration management
  • Supervisory control
  • Monitoring and data acquisition
  • Process control
  • Integration of controllers into laboratory test applications
  • OEM software

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RS-485 communication requires an RS-485 serial interface (not provided) to be installed in the computer. Please Contact Us if you have further questions.

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