Non-Contact Speed Sensor

Non-Contact Speed Sensor Mounted on a Vehicle

Non-Contact Speed Sensor Mounted on a Vehicle

The DRS-1000 Non-contact Speed Sensor by GMH Engineering is an OEM Doppler radar-based sensor used in many areas of transportation instrumentation. The sensor is dual purpose and can be used either in a vehicle-mounted configuration to determine vehicle ground speed, or in a ground-mounted configuration to determine the speed of a target object, as in traffic monitoring applications.

Integrated Pro developed and maintains the embedded assembly code that accomplishes real-time processing of a radar signal to obtain speed measurement. The code is implemented using the Analog Devices 21xx series processor. Digital signal processing allows the sensor to determine signal strength and stability, and to decide whether a target signal return is present. If a target signal is present, the sensor filters and averages the radar signal to improve accuracy and scales the output, providing a velocity signal that is updated at 100Hz.

The DRS-1000 Non-contact Speed Sensor has proven to be a very successful product for GMH Engineering and is used in a wide range of applications including vehicle safety testing, amusement park ride testing, racing, traffic monitoring, marine vehicle testing and other similar applications.

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